Top 5 Bingo Games

Some are not even aware that the ever popular game of bingo has a number of varieties. Yes, they all involve bingo cards and numbers being called out, as would be expected, but just small changes in the bingo formula can go a long way to creating a completely unique game play experience.

Some, at this point, might be hissing in protest, declaring that there is only one form of bingo, and all other forms are just needless messing about with an already perfect formula. But we urge those people to calm down and take a look; just because something already works well, it doesn’t mean it’s against the rules to try new and interesting versions from time to time. You might just find that one of these other varieties of bingo are a ton of fun.

1. Blackout Bingo

In standard bingo, as most are aware, the player has to have a consecutive line of 5 marked numbers in order to be declared a winner. This generally requires about a dozen numbers be called out, on average, before a winner is declared, which provides a fairly quick turnaround time for each bingo game. But consider this; how would the game change if the player was not required to mark just 5 numbers in a row, but every number on the bingo card? That, simply put, is the premise of blackout bingo.

Firstly; it goes without saying that the bingo rounds get extended in length a great deal. A minimum of two dozen numbers must be called out before a winner can be declared. Secondly; the result is a much more tense game, with many players all hovering tantalizingly close to elusive victory. All in all, blackout bingo is a must play experience for bingo veterans.

2. Death Bingo

Despite its alarming name, Death Bingo is a favourite in many online bingo websites around the world. The premise is simple; instead of getting a bingo being reason to celebrate, it instead means you are eliminated from the game. The winner of Death Bingo is the last person still standing. In other words, to win you have to be the last person to achieve a bingo.

It’s a clever twist of the standard bingo formula, and a very interesting and exciting variation of the rules. We can’t help but wonder how many bingo players see a bingo form and are on the verge of celebrating, until they realise which form of the game they are playing.

3. Postage Stamp Bingo

Perhaps not as much a complete flip of the rules as the other two version above, postage stamp bingo simply requires that a pattern of 2 x 2 bingo numbers be covered, in either of the four corners o the card. The shape of the covered numbers will roughly be the size of a postage stamp, hence the name of the game. Although it may not seem it, this form of bingo is tricky, and rounds can go on for long periods of time.

4. Roving L Bingo

Also requiring that a certain pattern be formed in order to be a winner, Roving L Bingo requires that an L shape be created in order for a player to be a winner. The L must be, however, one whole side column, and one whole row at either the top or bottom of the card. So, a proper facing or upside down L. This can again take much longer than many assume, creating a very charged atmosphere of expectation amongst the players.

5. Bingo After Dark

Not what one would consider a change of the game, per se, Bingo After Dark is simply a way of presenting the base game in a different fashion. Designed to attract the younger crowd, Bingo After Dark is the exact same game, but with live music, rinks, and other forms of entertainment. Many would say that it isn’t bingo at all, since the focus is hardly around the game itself, but this lively new form of bingo has proven to be very popular.

Take You Pick

Sure, many will still argue that the classic form of bingo is all anyone needs, and the above mentioned versions are simply unnecessary. But we counter by saying that any of the above versions are great forms of entertainment, and that a person should at least try them before being dismissive.

The first 4 alternative versions of bingo are available on your average bingo website, and can be played as perfectly functioning digital versions. Just look around and jump into a game. You can try a home version of Bingo After Dark, and it might just be great fun to play online with some music going, but we suggest it might be better to play that particular version at a real world bingo hall.