Top Three Reasons to Play at Giggle Bingo

Let’s be honest, day to day life can get a little mundane at times. We wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed. Where has all the fun gone? Well at Giggle Bingo, we are trying to bring a bit of joy and laughter back into your life with a selection of light-hearted games sure to brighten up your day while giving you the chance to win big. So why play online with Giggle Bingo? Let’s take a look!

Reason One: The Games

Giggle Bingo prides itself on providing players with the best gaming experience around. We have two types of bingo for you to enjoy – seventy five ball bingo and ninety ball bingo.

In seventy five ball bingo, you can play for a single prize per game. This style of bingo uses a grid card with five horizontal rows and five vertical columns. Each of boxes in this grid will have random numbers from one to seventy five. In each game the player participates in, they will be trying to fill a different pattern on the card. This can range from five numbers in a row, to four corners, to filling up the entire card! To make it easier for player’s to win, each card has a free space that is already filled in!

Ninety ball bingo is a bit different, but it’s just as fun. In this variation, each grid card has three horizontal rows with nine columns and instead of seventy five numbers, the game offers a whopping ninety numbers. With this version of the game, there are three winning patterns and three possible winners for each game. With our staggering choice of ninety ball bingo games, you’re sure to find one that catches your eye. Then it’s as simple as picking your favourite and letting the fun begin!

Are you all bingo’d out? Don’t worry! We’ve got a ton of different options for when you need fresh spin on your gaming experience. From mini games and slots to progressive games, Giggle Bingo has all your needs covered.

Reason Two: The Promotions

At Giggle Bingo, we love setting up our players with awesome bonuses.

How do ten free credits sound? Simply register an account and you can claim your free credits to enjoy on one of our many games.

We also offer an epic deposit bonus! Your first deposits will receive a massive one hundred % bonus up to the value of four hundred credits for each one. Remember, this awesome opportunity is only available one time!

Are you a fan of tournaments? We’ve got some of the best around. Enjoy these tournaments every month where we’ll put down over one hundred thousand dollars in prizes.

We also offer both daily and weekly promotions for our players to enjoy. Be sure to check back every day for a customised offer you’re sure to love.

Reason Three: The Loyalty Rewards

Our loyalty rewards system is a way of rewarding players for placing wagers in our long list of epic games. By achieving different loyalty levels, the player is given access to various tier bonuses.

In order to earn loyalty points, the player simply has to place a cash wager. That’s it! The more cash wagers the player makes, the more points they earn. Loyalty points can be turned into cash or used to enter our various promotions.

With so many reasons to play, its no wonder Giggle Bingo is one of the top destinations for bingo players online. Join us for some fun, and you’ll see what all the buzz is about!