The Two Types Of Bingo Jackpot

Online Bingo Jackpot games may be divided into two categories: progressive and preset.  Progressive and preset Jackpot Bingo games both add an exciting element to online Bingo, as the opportunities to win a little bit more than usual, are endless.  These types of jackpots are generally won whenever a player reaches Bingo in a certain amount of numbers called.

The Two Types Of Bingo Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot Bingo

In the case of a progressive jackpot Bingo game, the jackpot will start off being a certain size – and will grow each time players buy additional tickets, until such time as the jackpot is won.  Progressive jackpot prize pools have been known to grow to unbelievable sizes!  If the jackpot isn’t won during a specific game, it will roll over into the next game.

Progressive jackpots are generally offered during 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games rather than the games played with fewer balls.

Preset Jackpot Bingo

Games played according to the rules of preset jackpot Bingo also feature jackpot payouts – but they are standard jackpots, not progressive – i.e. these kinds of jackpots will not carry forward to the next game.  If no one claims the jackpot, all the money in the prize pool will be forfeited.

Players hoping to win the jackpot will be required to complete a certain Bingo pattern.  The pattern will be made known before the game commences, as will the size of the jackpot that is up for grabs as a reward for achieving top results.

It is useful to have a look at an example of a preset jackpot Bingo slot game:

Calling Bingo on 42 numbers carries a reward of $25 000.  Achieving the same feat in 43 numbers will see you going home with $20 000.  Bingo in 44 numbers is equal to prize money amounting to $ 15 000.

Summarised:  the less numbers required to reach the state of Bingo, the higher the reward.

Slots, Bingo And Progressive Jackpots

There isn’t that big of a difference between the progressive jackpots offered on a slot machine and the progressive jackpot up for grabs in an online Bingo hall.  Slot machines are generally networked with other slot machines – the jackpot is made up among the various machines.  The more players feed money into the machines, the more the jackpot continues to grow.

In essence, progressive is merely the term used to describe something that is growing and becoming progressively more.