Type Of Online Bingo Players

Bingo is not only one of the most popular online casino games, it also happens to attract a very diverse crowd. As such, any time spent playing online bingo may bring you into contact with a wide variety of players. Of course, for many, bingo is all about being social, as we’ll soon see, so meeting diverse people isn’t at all a bad thing. It is just fun to analyse some of the distinct personality types that happen to more commonly be found playing bingo.

See where you fit into our list of the most common personality types that can be found playing online bingo. And remember, there is no such thing as a negative personality, just different kinds of people. We love all personalities, and know that it takes all sorts to make up the world.

All About The Money

The first personality type is bingo players that are all about winning the jackpot, and don’t have much time for anything else. Hey, money makes the world go round, and there are few who can say that they wouldn’t enjoy winning the jackpot, regardless of the primary reason they are playing bingo.

The jackpot seekers, however, have little time to make casual chit chat, or interact with other players. It’s rare that they engage in small talk, and are normally focused very hard on the game at hand. And, even if they do win the jackpot, they tend not to even take the time to announce it personally to the other players. Their wins will normally be marked by an automated “bingo,” after which they will quietly leave the game to count their loot.

Like we said, it takes all sorts, and the jackpot seekers are just another of the interesting people to be found in online bingo rooms. Good luck to you, jackpot seekers!

Veteran Chatters

One of the most lively, fun, and entertaining types to be found in online bingo rooms is the veteran chatters. These are people who have been playing bingo for a long time, possibly even decades, and are visiting online bingo rooms just to hang out, make small talk with whoever is willing to listen, and will bend the ear of a person who allows it.

Veteran chatters often don’t have an off button, and will drown the chat window in all sorts of small talk. For some they can be a bit overwhelming, since a veteran chatter usually pays very little attention to the actual game of bingo itself. Thankfully, however, veteran chatters usually travel in packs, and so spend much of their time bending one another’s ears.

Bingo wouldn’t be bingo without the veteran chatters, and we are glad that they’re around, keeping the game of online bingo lively and entertaining.

New And Shy

New people are trying out online bingo on a daily basis, and upon first entering into an online bingo hall, aren’t sure exactly how it all works. They’re cautious about trying to make chitchat, and often wont say a word for an entire game. This doesn’t mean they’re not social, though, they’re just a fish out of water, and unsure about online bingo etiquette.

Interestingly, the new and shy players often go on to become veteran chatters themselves, once they realise that it’s fine to make small talk in online bingo. If you come across a new and shy player, be supportive, tell them how the game works, and invite them into a chat. Once they loosen up, shy and new players are just as much fun as all the other types of players.

Welcome, new and shy players, we’re happy to have you aboard!

The Cynics

Many online bingo rooms have at least one cynic. This is a player who has been enjoying online bingo for many years, but insists that winning the jackpot is impossible, and that the whole game is a giant sham. They’ll happily tell other players that they’ve never won a jackpot in all their years of playing, and that the game is rigged against them.

Cynics often have very short memory spans, however, and have likely won the bingo a number of times. But a cynic being a cynic, they’ll never admit this, and insist that lady luck is forever against them. Other than being cynical about bingo, however, cynics are also often willing to engage veteran chatters, and the two will cook up an online storm of chatting together.

Good luck, cynics, may Lady Luck finally turn in your direction and grant you a win or three!

Which Are You?

These are just a few of the interesting personality types that hang around in online bingo rooms. Which are you? Don’t see yourself on the list? Don’t worry, you’re welcome anyway, and maybe we’ll feature your distinct personality type in a future blog.