Types Of Bingo Explained

As one of the oldest casino games, bingo has gone through many variations in its centuries-long evolution. Originally, as many know, bingo was called beano. Players used beans to mark off numbers on their cards, and called out “beano” to indicate that they had won. It wasn’t until years afterwards, when a player accidentally called out “bingo” during a game, a slang exclamation for joy at the time, that beano became bingo.

The game of bingo is also largely electronic now, which is no small change. Only a few casinos in the world still use a real number caller, although many online bingo games use automated number callers. But what about the game of bingo itself? Has it undergone any changes, and are there more than one variation? Let’s have a look at some of the different bingo types that have come about over the years.

Human Bingo

One interesting version of bingo that came about is often referred to as Human Bingo. Since bingo itself is a very social game, with many partaking in it as a form of human interaction as apposed to actually winning a prize, turning bingo into an entirely social focused activity was a logical step. The idea was to have groups of people spending their time learning about one another, and socialising, as apposed to sitting and marking off numbers. This is how human bingo works.

In Human Bingo players get a card with types of people indicated in each square, as apposed to numbers. So squares will say things such as ‘a young man,’ or ‘a middle aged woman,’ or ‘a senior citizen,’ or other similar phrases. In order to cross off the square, a player must socialise with the type of person indicated, and learn as much about that person as is possible. Of course, Human Bingo is nothing more than an excuse to get people talking, and winning the prize is very obviously a secondary objective. The game is used at social gatherings to act as an icebreaker, and is known to commonly be used aboard cruise ships in order to get guests mingling with one another.

Online Remote Bingo

With the major recent advancements in technology, online bingo has become immensely popular. Buying cards, crossing off numbers, and being declared a winner, is now all possible via a smart phone, tablet, or home computer. One of the most interesting things about bingo of this type is that a player may indeed choose to play the game manually, marking off the numbers by tapping them or clicking them on the device, but it is also possible to play the game without even being present at all.

A player may simply buy a bingo card, register at the table prior to game time, and then go about there business elsewhere, not watching or taking part in the game at all. If that player happens to be a winner, they will receive notification of it via text or email. That’s right, in the modern world games of bingo may play themselves for you, if you choose them to do so. Some might say this is perhaps missing the point of bingo somewhat, while others might consider it a major convenience.

Ball Number Variations In Bingo

The range of numbers that may be called in a bingo game is an important factor. It determines how likely a match is to be created, which is a huge indicator of how long the game will go on for. Inevitably, as long as the caller keeps calling out numbers, a winner is going to be declared sooner or later. The bigger the range of numbers, however, the more numbers are likely to have to be called out. Although the number of people playing the game is also important in this regard.

  • 90 Ball Bingo

As the name suggests, 90 ball bingo uses the numbers between 1 and 90. This version of the game has been the most popular in the United Kingdom for a long time, and if you’re playing bingo in the United Kingdom, it’s fairly certain to be the 90 ball variation. The most common way to play this game is in sections of three, until a player declares they have a ‘full house,’ which will get them the grand prize.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo is rather similar to 90 ball bingo, but tends to have a winner a bit quicker. It was the most commonly played version in the United States, but is spreading worldwide via online bingo websites.

  • 30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is a new version of the game, and is gradually becoming more popular. It is the quickest form of bingo, and a full game can be played in just a few minutes. This is the preferred version for those who prefer ‘rapid fire’ bingo, which can be played to pass the time between other activities.