Virtual Reality Bingo

Online bingo is more popular that it has ever been, with millions playing on a daily basis. The increase in popularity of the game, in its online form, is largely attributed to the incredible levels of convenience provided.

The online versions are sleek and streamlined, looking and sounding good, but still simple enough to be functional even on smart phones. In other words, online bingo is generally approached with a minimalist design, which works out pretty well. But lets step back from minimalism for a moment, and consider just how advanced online bingo could be if ported into a virtual reality system.

You might be raising an eyebrow right now and asking yourself just how necessary virtual reality bingo is. After all, a game based around simply marking off numbers on a card hardly needs a hyper advanced digital interface.

But let’s never forget that bingo is also largely a social game, and that VR shines where digital social interaction is concerned. Typing out messages to online friends does the job, but is not what you would call ideal. Voice chat is a bit better, but still doesn’t capture the feeling of having the person in your immediate presence. Virtual reality is the key to putting you and your friends in the same room in a way that has never been seen before.

Digital Avatars

When you put on a pair of virtual reality goggles, and take the movement controllers in your hands, advanced VR software maps out what is known as a digital avatar. Basically, using the location of your head and eyes, which are tracked by the headset, and the location of your hands, which are tracked by the controllers, software can make a rough approximation of your body.

This information is translated into creating a digital version of yourself, which can be implanted into literally any digital world. Move and use the controllers and your digital counterpart does the same. Turn your head to look around and your avatar does the same. It’s rather astonishing to see, given how fluid and lifelike the digital avatar appears.

Putting a digital avatar of your presence at a bingo table would not be very difficult, given advanced technology. The effect of seeing your friends as avatars, however, would be absolutely breath taking. Imagine your friends all appearing in a digital bingo hall, moving about and turning their heads to look at you.

Microphones would transmit your voices to one another, allowing you to talk as if you were in the same room. And, if you’re thinking that the bingo would appear just as real life bingo hall, you’re not using your imagination. This bingo hall could be floating about on a meteorite, or even sitting on the lip of a volcano. This is virtual reality, after all, and anything is possible.

VR Functionality

If you’re unfamiliar with how exactly VR works, here is a brief outline. The goggles plug into an output source, such as a home computer. The computer processes the game and sends a signal to the goggles, which in turn display the game to the player. It is, in fact, the computer that is doing the majority of the work, with the headset just being a display system.

The movement controllers are what make virtual reality games playable. Each controller is wireless, tracking the movement of your hands and relaying the information back to the computer. Each controller also has buttons, which, when pressed, allow you to interact with the digital world. In other words, you could reach out in the digital world, pick up a marker by pressing a controller button, and use the marker to draw on your digital bingo card. Pretty amazing.

Will Virtual Reality Bingo Happen?

Many online casino games are due for a virtual reality makeover. Large developers, such as Microgaming, are currently developing virtual realty versions of games such as roulette and poker, which are due to be released during 2017.

So, it makes sense that bingo would also get a virtual reality version. It is not, however, on the top of the lists, which is a bit unfortunate. It turns out that bingo is just not as much of a priority as more action packed games like roulette or poker. Poker, after all, would benefit greatly from players being able to see one another, which might help in spotting if an opponent is bluffing. The only benefits to bingo, as has just been said, would be social.

Regardless, it seems likely that a virtual reality version of bingo will happen at some point in the future. When it does happen, we can all only hope that the cost of VR headsets will have come down, given how unreasonably expensive they currently are. After all, it won’t do much good having a virtual reality version of bingo if hardly anyone can afford it. Rest assured, however, that the moment virtual reality bingo does happen; we’ll be the first to test it out and tell you just how amazing it is.