Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Bingo Cards

We can pretty much all agree that Bingo is a lot of fun in every format, and playing can be sociable and really rewarding too. But when you stop to think about it a little, the potential for Bingo is much bigger than the traditional games – on land or online.

The structure of Bingo games lends itself to fun in all kinds of situations, from the classroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between. To give you an idea of what we mean, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples here.

Breaking the Ice at Work

Office Bingo involves a group of colleagues and a set of Bingo cards with some general, work-like statements on them such as “I don’t know anybody here”, “who drank the last of the coffee?” or “I keep a plant on my desk”. Players have to ask each other the questions and get an individual to whom the statement applies to sign the corresponding square.

Bridal Bonanza

If you’re organizing a bridal shower, use Bingo to get everyone in on the fun. Get an idea of the gifts everyone is bringing, and then print the descriptions on the cards. As the bride-to-be opens them, people can join in the fun by daubing the numbers. You can make this extra naughty too, if it’s that kind of shower!

Aging with Humor

Over-the-Hill Bingo is perfect for poking some fun at getting older, and you can adapt the game for any party theme you like. Just create Bingo cards with common features of getting older – “had hip replaced”, “use dentures”, etc – and then cut up a card so that all the descriptions can be drawn.

People-Watching Playtime

If you’re with a group of friends sitting in a coffee shop or somewhere else that’s crowded, People-Watching Bingo can be great fun. Create Bingo cards with different combinations of things you are likely to see – “kids on roller blades” or “tiny dogs carried in handbags”, for instance. Then sit back and watch the world around you. You could gain some insight into human nature at the same time!

Conference Call Quirks

Now the frustration and boredom of a conference call can be turned into some serious Bingo fun! An inventor known on Facebook as E Gilliam created Bingo cards with familiar conference call occurrences such as “dropped calls”, and phrases like “can you hear me?”, or “Are you there, we keep losing you?”. People actually end up paying more attention and are a lot more cheerful afterwards!