What is a Bonus Abuser?

Bonuses are an online Bingo site’s way of advertising their games and features. These bonuses can take many forms and they all have specific terms and conditions that the player has to meet to make use of the rewards.

There are however, what is termed bonus abusers. These players find loopholes in the terms and conditions of bonus offers and essentially abuse the bonus system to make money in an unscrupulous way.

Bonus abusers make unpleasant players for both the online Bingo site and the other members, as in the end, bonus abuse hurts everyone except the abuser.

What Is A Bonus?

Bonuses are usually are offered as a free cash amount paid to new members. The cash can be paid as a sign up bonus, a referral bonus or a deposit bonus. In the case of Bingo, this free money can be used to play more cards and will increase your chances of winning!

In each case a player will receive a cash amount paid into their Bingo account.

The terms and conditions attached to this free cash amount varies from site to site but there are requirements the player needs to meet in order to get the casino bonus.

Not meeting these requirements or attempting to escape from them will immediately brand you as a bonus abuser.

Types Of Abuse

Some examples of bonus abuse include registering multiple physical addresses when creating online Bingo player accounts.

Additionally players can also use false email addresses to claim bonus offers.  In an effort to prevent this type of abuse, some online Bingo sites have started recording a player’s IP address in order to combat bonus abusers.

Avoiding Bonus Abuse

If an online Bingo site has deemed you a bonus abuser, you can have your account suspended.

The best way to avoid abusing bonus offers is to make sure you have read the bonus terms and conditions. This way you will see what is allowed and what is frowned upon and you can benefit from the rewards without causing any issues. If you play the way you are intended to, and use the bonus wisely and within the rules, you’ll have more fun and the Bingo site may even reward you with greater promotions down the line!

Resolving Issues

Other than a frequently asked question section, online Bingo sites should always have customer support. The ideal is of course 24 hour customer support, which many online Bingo sites like Giggle Bingo feature.

You can often log issues with the customer support desk via e-mail, telephone or instant chat boxes. If you are ever labelled with bonus abuse unfairly, customer support will always assist you with resolving your issues.

Bonus abuse is a real problem in the online gambling industry, but fortunately it’s easily dealt with and when you play Bingo, the rewards will keep on coming!