What Lies Ahead For Online Bingo?

Bingo as we know it has been around since the beginning of the last century. It has survived two world wars, the introduction of television as well as the information age. In fact it is now growing from strength to strength while still maintaining its core gameplay.

The game mechanics have remained unchanged but how the game is played has undergone significant changes. At Giggle Bingo, we love looking towards the future, so let’s see how far we have come and what we can spot on the horizon of Bingo gaming.

Early Days Of Bingo Halls

Bingo started out as a leisure activity and has never really been associated with gambling directly. It has never attracted a rough crowd and there has always been a lot of charity coming from bingo halls to support their local communities.

It seems a sense of community has been integral to not just Bingo’s popularity, but its continued survival.

Bingo halls were a great place to meet friends and new people, an element that Giggle Bingo still tries to retain today.

There weren’t many options when it came to bingo variants however. You usually could pick 75 ball bingo in America and 90 ball Bingo everywhere else.

Traditional Way To Play

Bingo was played similarly to the lottery. You had a bingo caller, who more often than not took their jobs very seriously. He would be upfront, spin the hopper and call out the drawn numbers.

Traditionally the numbers called were not repeated and talking during the actual game would potentially get you bounced.

You bought bingo cards or books filled with cards as you entered the hall and it was your own responsibility to make sure you mark your numbers on your cards correctly.

If you bought too many cards and you can’t keep up, that is just too bad buddy.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility was a big pillar of Bingo. Sure not all Bingo halls considered it a responsibility to cater to those less fortunate, but many did. In most communities it was more than just donations.

The bingo hall was almost like a second church where you can unburden yourself, get help or advice from your fellow players or help out with social programs initiated by the bingo hall.

Luckily this tradition still lives on today with both live bingo halls and bingo sites often contributing to worthy causes like research, social upliftment programs and school funding.

Electronic Bingo

The game of bingo remained pretty much unchanged until the introduction of electronic Bingo.

With electronic Bingo, instead of purchasing bingo cards, you received an electronic device, almost like a tablet that could store a certain amount of bingo cards and it would keep track of all the numbers called. So in theory you could purchase 200 tickets for a game and the device will keep track of all the numbers and mark them off for you.

This caused quite a stir at the time because players at live bingo halls felt that this not only takes the skill out of the game, but that electronic bingo players had an edge over traditional bingo players.

Real Money Online Bingo

With the introduction of online and eventually mobile bingo, there was a large shift in the usual bingo demographic. More and more young people and stay at home mothers started playing the game.

Many people who found it hard to travel to their local bingo hall could now suddenly simply play from home.

Of course this development was not music to everyone’s ears and many people felt that it was the death of what traditional bingo stood for.

Luckily the people opening these sites knew that there is a certain quality, or essence or image to bingo that that needs to be maintained in order for it to find new life in a new medium.

Chat Apps and Social Media

Online bingo was soon tied in with social media pages in order to start creating a foundation of community as well as a great promotional vehicle for new sites or games.

Social media was that X factor that was needed to cement Bingo as a game that is still very much relevant in the modern age.

Bringing Bingo Into The Home

Online bingo is the way of the future of bingo along with mobile bingo gaming.

Not only are there additional elements and animations and sounds that make the bingo experience more vivid, but on site chat applications and the social media presence means that bingo is just becoming stronger than it was.

The success of online bingo and small social elements like the ban on smoking in bingo halls has led many live bingo halls to close their doors. But the bingo spirit will live on at Giggle Bingo, where you can enjoy authentic, exciting and fun entertainment 24/7!