What Would VR Bingo Be Like?

If you haven’t already heard that virtual reality is here, you must have been living under a rock. And if you have not already heard that digital casino games are set to start joining that revolution, you’ll be pleased to hear it right now; many online casinos are already gearing up to include virtual reality as an option when playing games. And if that idea doesn’t excite you, are at least sound somewhat interesting, it’s probably because you haven’t experienced just how immersive virtual reality is. Take it from us; it’s pretty immersive.

But as far as virtual reality casino games go, what exactly would it be like to sit at a VR poker table, looking out at the other players as if they were in the same room? Or, another more suitable question would be; what would virtual reality bingo be like? Would it add major benefits, and would it be worth the not unsubstantial cost of a pair of virtual reality goggles? After all, isn’t playing bingo on your smart phone an already adequate experience? We had a think about this question, and came to the conclusion that virtual reality bingo might be a great deal more interesting and enjoyable than initially assumed.

Bingo Is A Social Experience

For many the game of bingo is first and foremost a social experience. Sure, winning a prize is great, but many play bingo for the social aspect. Chatting to friends and gossiping is as much a part of bingo as filling in the numbers, and for this reason virtual reality bingo may just be the greatest experience ever.

When playing bingo online many chat to their friends via a messaging interface, or a voice interface, which is fair enough. But imagine being able to look your friends in the eye and talk to them as if they were in the same room. Now, we’re not saying this is already possible, although the technology certainly exists, but there is a good chance that it might not be so long until you could do exactly that.

A Real Experience

Imagine putting on a pair of goggles and appearing in a bingo hall. One that look so real your brain believed it existed. Now imagine your friends around you at that table, only they happen to be in different parts of the county, or even the world. When you talk, the words reach their ears in real time. And, all the while you’re talking to them, you’re playing a game of bingo.

The caller stands at the front of the hall and calls out the numbers as they appear, and you use an interface wand to mark numbers on your bingo card. It might all sound too science fiction to be true, but we’ll say it again; this technology already exists, it’s just a matter if it being implemented. This very likely will be the online bingo of the near future.

VR Bingo On The Moon

But this is virtual reality we’re talking about, isn’t it? A nice VR bingo hall is great, but how about playing bingo on the moon? Or on a platform hovering above Victoria Falls? The thing about modern technology is that this is all a possibility, as far as virtual reality goes. In fact, if you can dream it, it can pretty much be done in virtual reality.

Why not go crazy and play a game of bingo while orbiting the earth in a spaceship, while an alien with two heads calls out the numbers? But all this might be getting just a touch carried away. We’re talking about playing bingo, and in terms of virtual reality most will likely be more than happy just being able to talk to friends in a non-Earth orbiting bingo hall. And this in itself is still a pretty amazing concept.

Real Virtual Reality

The truth is that bingo is a game most play to relax, hang out with friends and maybe sip a drink or two. Turning bingo into the next amazing technology extravaganza likely isn’t on the top of the lists as far as virtual reality development goes, but steps are sure to be taken, at some point, to turn the experience into one that is compatible with virtual reality. The technology trends are heading that way, and all casino games are likely to be given the treatment.

In the meantime most are happy with standard online bingo, which is certainly still an excellent experience. Even if we are confined to out smart phones and home living rooms. If the sounds of virtual reality gambling do peak your interest, however, you’ll be happy to know that fully functional virtual reality poker games are already in development, and should be with us in the very near future. So if you have a VR headset sitting around, and are itching to get some poker playing done, your time is nearly here, and bingo could well follow suite soon!