Why Bingo is So Social

Of all games of chance, bingo is renowned for being one of the most social. This well-deserved reputation is rooted in history and further strengthened by online versions of the classic game.

Bingo halls are a familiar sight in many towns, cities, and casinos around the world. No matter where you go, players seem to appear out of thin air, flock to buy their tickets, and have a grand time while waiting for the caller to start the game.

The enthusiastic socialising continues during breaks, and again once the game is over.

Take a closer look at the social side of bingo with us.

Bingo and Community

Bingo has a long history, and the game was often used by town councils, churches, and other organisations as a way to raise funds for projects that would ultimately benefit the community.

This means that many of the players who attended the games already knew one another. Dabbing tickets to win pots and prizes simply gave them another chance to socialise in a relaxed environment.

It is not surprising that so many players took to playing it regularly, because it really is a lot of fun, especially if the caller knows how to make players laugh. Seeing the same faces week after week meant that players who didn’t know one another before had a chance to make new friends.

The sense of community spirit that began with those early games simply continued, and even today, firm friendships are formed.

Social Online Bingo

Our online bingo games use an integrated live chat feature to recreate the social atmosphere of the game. Players are able to chat to one another before games, after games, and, unlike in bingo halls, even during games, as our autodabbing software takes care of all the hard work.

Using the chat feature, players get to know one another and make new friends. Not only do they enjoy friendly chat, but they can also play chat bingo games that could see them win prizes.

Bingo is All About Fun

Another reason bingo is such as social game is because it is really all about having fun. Sure, you can win fantastic prizes, but that is not the only attraction.

We throw a good deal of humour into our games, so players are able to laugh and joke along. There really is no other game quite like it.