Will Bingo Keep Getting Better?

Mobile Bingo

Bingo is a game that has been around for many years. We have all heard or read about how bingo was adopted from old lottery games and developed into a global phenomenon. More recently though, we have seen the transformation from land-based to online gaming in a way that was never predicted.  While the land-based bingo hall is fading, online and mobile bingo is growing each day. The global reach of online bingo is such that in the UK, Europe and the United States online bingo is becoming integrated into social circles and becoming a part of our everyday lives.

Every advance in technology has been a potential threat to the game of bingo with Doomsday Sayers predicting the end of an era. What he have seen though is that the game of bingo has adopted modern technology and actually benefited from it all. Whether it was the move from bingo halls to online sites, or from the online platforms to mobile gaming, bingo has run with it all and come out with a bigger following than ever before. From this we can say with reasonable confidence that bingo is here to stay.

Moving with The Times

The evolution of bingo is something that is undeniable and a certain. Like all good things, bingo must evolve with the times in order to stay relevant and bring in money. After all, the whole point of online bingo sites is to make money. Seen from a business perspective, there is very little companies won’t do in order to ensure the success of their business. So, it all comes down to providing what consumers want. In the case of bingo, for now, we want games that are accessible at the touch of a button, highly entertaining, socially relevant and provide the opportunity to win serious cash.

As society develops, so does our technology and interaction with technology. To answer the question of whether Bingo will keep getting better. The answer is yes, most certainly. But how will this be achieved? We can already see that bingo has incorporated many different aspects of gaming into a single platform. Some bingo sites offer side games which include slots, casino table games and other lottery games that you can play alongside your standard bingo game. What we expect to see is a progression of this structure with customized gaming options for each player.

Customized Gaming

Imagine logging onto a mobile or online bingo site and having all your favorite games waiting for you. Whether it is a classic early 90’s slot or a specific variation of blackjack, the future of bingo involves customization of your personal experience. This goes all the way from what you see online, to what games you play and who you are playing with. Customized bingo lobbies and chat friends are also on the cards where you get notifications when your favorite bingo crowd is going online.

One area where bingo is certainly going to expand and benefit is in the virtual reality sector. Already there are a handful of virtual reality casinos that offer players a completely integrative and virtual experience. As we all know, bingo is a more social game than most and will focus heavily on social aspects in the virtual reality genre. Virtual reality bingo sites are not far away. Imagine walking through a virtual bingo lobby, picking out your friends, heading to the bar and sharing a drink together before you sit down to play.

Virtual Reality Bingo

The scope of virtual reality bingo is so large that there endless possibilities for social interactions.  While virtual casinos are focused mainly on the games, bingo has a demographic that is more socially inclined. What we can expect to see are full-body avatars where you can choose your look, your outfit, your jewelry, your shoes, your make up and even your hairstyle for each and every session. Players will be able to converse freely with full hand gestures body movements and facial emotions.

Basically, what we are going to see is a movement towards the traditional bingo hall, in a virtual arena. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to leave the house or the office. You can even be part of the virtual experience while riding the bus home. Virtual bingo lobbies will be equipped with social gathering spots like bars, couches and possibly coffee shops. At the same time, they will link up with regular casino games with dedicated slot halls and areas for casino table games.

There is no doubt that bingo will keep getting better. While the games themselves might remain the same for some time, the biggest changes will come from how the games are played and in what environment. Whether it be mobile gaming, virtual reality or online, bingo will continue to evolve with the times and provide an exciting, socially engaging space where players can get together and win real money.